Our Families

At Partners in Child Development, families find expertise in child development, an exceptional education for each child, hope for the future and most of all, a place to belong. We are pleased to share stories that celebrate their daily experience.

A family with two children

PCCD’s Mission rings true for Maxxx Medina

Maxxx’s mom, Mariannie smiles and says, “my child’s growth exemplifies their dedication to (their mission) nurturing the growth and potential of every child. Maxxx is still growing, but I know he is being set up for success through the collaboration between our family and the PCCD team.”

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Tommy benefits from RCP support

Tommy turned 3 years old and transitioned out of EI. The RCP Program continued to be a resource to his family and was critical in bringing referrals and other opportunities to them.

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*Any references to our organization in these stories and quotes before May 17th, 2023, will remain as PCCD (Professional Center for Child Development) because that was our name at the time of publication. Any stories after May 17th will use our new name, PCD (Partners in Child Development).

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