Northeast Regional Consultation Program (RCP)

Support for children enrolled in Early Intervention who have special healthcare needs

PCD is home of the Northeast Regional Consultation Program. RCP helps families and their early intervention teams identify and access the tools, programs, referral information, equipment, and other resources they need to help children reach their full potential.

The Massachusetts Department of Public Health (DPH) created 6 RCPs.  They selected PCD to run the Northeast RCP as a support to the 13 Early Intervention Programs in Northeast Massachusetts. 

We Provide

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Resources and referrals, especially at the initial visit and as families prepare for transition from Early Intervention to preschool

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Adaptive equipment and assistive technology lending library (equipment to help children sit, stand, safely take a bath, walk, communicate and play)

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Parent Networking - Opportunities to learn from other parents

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Training relevant to your child’s needs

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Respite funds when available

Before your child turns 3 and ages out of EI, we will offer support for a successful transition to preschool.

Know that you are always welcome to contact us!

Candidates for RCP Support are
Children Who Have

3 or more doctors

A primary medical condition

Complex medical needs or multiple disabilities

“Refer Early for Full Child Benefit”

A Note from RCP Program Coordinator

Education and therapeutic care for children of all abilities.