PCCD’s Mission rings true for Maxxx Medina

A family with two children

Maxxx and his mother Mariannie Medina were learning and playing together during an Early Intervention (EI)center-based visit. Mariannie said, “PCCD’s new mission rings true in my experience. I have seen Maxxx evolve with their support.  He went from facing significant limitations to finally walking, communicating more effectively, and now starting to share toys.”

Growing up in Washington Heights, NYC, Mariannie summarized her feelings, “For me, especially coming from a place where I’ve witnessed the education offered so many to be minimal. I see what the folks at PCCD do for Maxxx, and no matter what my background, it’s been wonderful to   feel   that   they   really   want   him   to learn.”

Maxxx and    his    family    live    in    Methuen and   have   been partnering with PCCD’s EI Program for over 2 years. His mother ended by saying, “my child’s growth exemplifies their dedication to nurturing the potential of every child. My son is still growing, but I know he is being set up for success through the collaboration between our family and the PCCD team.”

*Any references to our organization in these stories and quotes before May 17th, 2023, will remain as PCCD (Professional Center for Child Development) because that was our name at the time of publication. Any stories after May 17th will use our new name, PCD (Partners in Child Development).

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