Tommy benefits from RCP support

Soon after meeting with the Regional Consultation Program (RCP) at PCCD, Nick and Lauren Buchan just knew their son Tommy was on his way to enjoying his best life.  RCP Director, Rachel Daniels, OTR, helped the young family from Rowley, MA, obtain information, equipment, and offered her experienced guidance. 

Entering the unexpected world of parenting a child with medical complexities and/or developmental delays is not always an easy task. Nick and Lauren shared, “Our son was diagnosed with Pachygyria and later Polymicrogyria”.  Tommy’s mother – Lauren, is a labor and delivery nurse and has medical expertise with infant/toddler training.  Even she and her husband needed a little extra help when navigating some new challenges.   

The Early Intervention program in their area connected them with RCP at PCCD, Nick was happy to report, “soon Rachel was helping us obtain the proper equipment to help Tommy succeed”. The proud father went on to say, “PCCD has assisted in acquiring seating options, a gait trainer, and adaptive toys. The program has been pivotal in providing equipment for Tommy to continue to thrive among his neurotypical peers in daycare”. 

Tommy will soon be 3 years old and transitioning out of EI.  The RCP Program will continue to be a resource to them and has already been critical in bringing referrals and other opportunities to the family.  PCCD’s RCP assists families not only with resources, equipment, and referrals, the program also hosts family fun events, trainings, networking opportunities and respite funds when available.   

RCP is a complementary to the Early Intervention services a family who has a child with special healthcare needs is already receiving.  To learn more about RCP at PCCD go to 

*Any references to our organization in these stories and quotes before May 17th, 2023, will remain as PCCD (Professional Center for Child Development) because that was our name at the time of publication. Any stories after May 17th will use our new name, PCD (Partners in Child Development).

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