Our Partners

PCD Partnership; for people who care about children.

Partners in Child Development Partnerships benefit the broader community. It is only because of dedicated and generous partnerships that we have been able to educate children of all abilities for over 50 years. This community of people who care about the growth and potential of children has been inspirational and outstanding.

We value each and every partner.

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Corporate sponsors help bring the community together for the benefit of children, expand our reach and awareness, boost credibility of our events and help us reach our fundraising goals.


Our supporters are vital to our ability to grow and expand our programming, providing us the flexibility and resources to respond to changing needs of our community.


Increases engagement and awareness while working collectively to better understand our community’s needs and identify the best way to address them.


Help further our mission, increase our impact, bring a diversity of skills to PCD, and serve as advocates and ambassadors for PCD


Their generous spirit inspires these supporters to donate a significant portion of their services as a donation to PCD, keeping costs low and passing savings onto our programs.


Our partners in collaboration to provide impactful services and programming to the communities we serve.


We work side-by-side with area nonprofits to benefit the wider community and the families we serve. We willingly share infrastructure, networks and expertise for the greater good.


Families and caregivers are at the heart of who we are. PCD learns from, supports, coaches, educates, empowers, and celebrates with parents, siblings, and other caregivers.


We offer convenient clinics to meet with local vendors to assess and provide appropriate durable medical equipment and orthotics/prosthetics for our students.

Colleges & Universities

These partnerships are an integral part of our recruiting efforts to attract top talent and allow us to make valuable connections that support students pursuing careers within our scope of services.


We educate, collaborate with, and keep school districts updated on our curriculum and innovation. This provides districts with comprehensive information for making vital placement decisions.

Health Care

In tight collaboration, we discuss, plan and execute what is best for each child’s care needs while in our programs. This relationship is beneficial to our families and students.

EI Providers

These are crucial and important partnerships, referring children to each other,serving as secondary programs, and collaborating with our RCP Program to provide expanded services.


These partnerships serve the whole family, helping them get the support they need so they can focus on the often demanding and complex needs of their child(ren).


In collaboration, we work to ensure families have knowledge of and access to the services available that will support them and their children most effectively.


Strong relationships and collaboration create a path for efficient referrals and diagnoses so children can receive the services they need as quickly as possible.


Pediatricians are our largest referral source, the hub for “coordination of care”. We communicate within them regularly to provide updates on the services their patients are receiving.


These partnerships serve the whole family, helping them get the support they need so they can focus on the often demanding and complex needs of their child(ren).

Child Care

Our EI team provides services to children in ECE settings. We provide strategies and training to their staff to ensure children reach their full potential.

Public Officials

We work intentionally and collaboratively as co-owners of the responsibility to educate and care for children of all abilities. We work together for the good of the whole community.


State agencies regulate our industry and set the bar for expectations and curriculum. We collaborate with them for the safety of children and excellence in program content and quality.


As members and contributors, we work side by side advocating to benefit our industry as a whole. We access the knowledgeable and important voices for the good of each child.

If you want to partner with Partners in Child Development, coming alongside us to help us nurture the growth and potential of EVERY child we serve, please reach out to Danielle Vickers-Tjalsma at [email protected].

We are grateful for the support and partnership of

Your partnership provides students with essential teams, tools, and resources.