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Transition from Early Intervention at Age 3

Every child will eventually transition from EI, at age 3 or before. It is never too early to start to understand the process. “Turning Three Essentials” workshops provide information about the procedures for transitioning a child from early intervention (EI) to special education.

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Coaching the Caregiver in Early Intervention

Child Early Intervention in Massachusetts and many other states is moving toward a coaching model that helps to support the parent/caregiver to help them identify, guide, and strategize about the child’s development throughout each day.

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Tears of Gratitude … and relief

Carolyn Pounds, an Anderson School mom said “the tears were those of gratitude that Whit is surrounded by people who care for him, who know him well enough to know when he is not himself, and who will watch over him with tenderness and compassion when we are not right there to do so ourselves.”

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EI at PCCD is a member of our family

Many parents need a little assistance when faced with developmental challenges with their children. Amy Brennan was not alone, she called, and PCCD answered. Some of the most useful information she gained from Early Intervention was not for her twin girls, but for herself.

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A School for Drew

One family’s search for an extraordinary school for Drew ended at the PCCD Anderson School. “Drew is doing things beyond our dreams. He has cooking and art classes and does science experiments with the other students. He comes home with paint on his hands (just like our older son Dominic did at his age).

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Do you and your child like to experiment with food recipes or fix something with nails, string, or glue? What about make a gift for a friend out of recycled objects.

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