Transition from Early Intervention at Age 3

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Trainings available.

“Turning Three Essentials” Workshop from The Federation for Children with Special Needs

Every child will eventually transition from EI, at age 3 or before. It is never too early to start to understand the process. “Turning Three Essentials” workshops provide information about the procedures for transitioning a child from early intervention (EI) to special education.

Workshop Topics Include:

  • Differences between EI and Special Education
  • Transition Planning Process
  • Special Education Process
  • Consent and Evaluations
  • Special Education Eligibility
  • The Team Meeting
  • Options for Resolving Differences
  • Review of Important Timelines and more!

These and other workshops are available to parents and professionals at FCSN. The workshops are held virtually and some in person all over the state. Feel free to sign up for any training on you may be interested in. – most are free of charge.

See the workshop calendar and registration at

*Any references to our organization in these stories and quotes before May 17th, 2023, will remain as PCCD (Professional Center for Child Development) because that was our name at the time of publication. Any stories after May 17th will use our new name, PCD (Partners in Child Development).

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