The impact of a child’s first school experience

A family with two children

Fratus family quotes – Woodbridge School

Woodbridge School Impact 

Devin and Lindsey, Woodbridge School parents shared, “We were nervous about Claire going to school because she had never been before. She absolutely loves school, her teachers, and her friends. I’ve noticed that her language and other preschool level skills have drastically improved since starting school. It truly feels like she learns something new every week, and she has fun doing it.” 

On self-guided play…   

Claire’s mother Lindsey said, “We love the self-guided play model and outdoor time that Woodbridge offers.  

First School experience at PCCD 

The teachers are so welcoming and caring and have made us feel at ease with our first experience at school.” 

  • Lindsey and Devin Fratus 

*Any references to our organization in these stories and quotes before May 17th, 2023, will remain as PCCD (Professional Center for Child Development) because that was our name at the time of publication. Any stories after May 17th will use our new name, PCD (Partners in Child Development).

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